The founder, Rola Haddad, has reflected a lot of her own personality into the brand.

Having lived in Paris, Riyadh, Dubai, Geneva, and journeyed all over the world gave her the inspiration and passion that she transcended on to Lôr Paris.

Before taking the step to follow her heart and build a beautiful project in the refined and elegant world of fragrances, Rola had a career in top global advertising agencies.

In 2017, Rola moved back to Paris to build Lôr Paris. It was then that she contacted Nathalie Feisthauer: the great and reputable nose behind many iconic perfumes.

The ladies, together, created fragrances that reflect modern day globalization, openness, and contrast between different universes, aimed at the ones that appreciate the finer things in life.


Before launching Lôr Paris, Rola was an ad-woman working with top global advertising agencies.. She is fascinated by fragrances and urban art. Approachable and fresh.


Over 30 years of experience in the world of fragrances, Nathalie has developed worldwide known and loved fragrances. She is a lovely woman, a talented artist, with a contagious passion.


Lôr Paris is a niche perfume brand with a global mindset that takes the artistic connotation of perfumery to a new level.

As a niche brand, we focus on creating exclusive perfumes that bring creativity, uniqueness, escapism and comfort to our users.

By producing minimal quantities of each perfume, Lôr Paris aims to reach the heart of consumers with a unique personality, a special appreciation for art and the finer things in life.

Every season, in parallel to its main line, Lôr Paris will collaborate with artists to create exclusive pieces of art inspired by the smell of the fragrances. This will give birth to the Perfumery Art Pieces by Lôr Paris.


We aren’t shy when expressing ourselves, we are honest and direct.


We see perfumes as a piece of art and we love to elevate and play with their artistic connotations and everything related to them.


We are unisex, we just see beautiful people and scents.


Inoculates luxury from ostentation.


We embrace the present to create the future.


We are global, no borders in our vision.


Together with a Tokyo-Bogotá based agency, we have come up with a minimalistic, timeless and elegant design that keeps the brand colors throughout - white, black, and gold, with touches of mint green.


We believe that the power of symbolism can be stronger than words.

Each perfume bottle will have three symbols to represent the olfactive families to which it belongs.

Our Perfumes